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July 2011

Robert Clements

I'm sure many of you watched the incredibly spectacular Royal Wedding of William and Kate, in April. The handsome prince and his beautiful bride!

Were there tears of nostalgia as you watched them, both at Westminster Abbey and after?

As I watched the magnificent function, with its share of pomp and pageantry, heard the choir raising the rafters, I thought like everyone else the world over, that here was a fairytale wedding!

But weddings, whether 'arranged' or 'love marriages,' as we call them in our country, aren't all fairytale:

"Hey Kate!," shouts Willy from the royal bathroom a few days later, "which side you press the toothpaste from?"

"The middle silly, I'm a Middleton, remember?"

"Yeah, but we Windsors press it from the bottom!"

And those are some of the little things, which end the fairytale!

A few years back, I was called to release a book, 'Marriage and Courtship' and since I had to speak on the book, I had to read the book, and at the end of it, I realised how little I'd known about marriage before I'd got into it.

One portion I'll never forget was the author reminding his readers that marriage is like a company you invested into, and all the investments you put into your nest egg gave huge returns later.

"So Kate and William...," I shout.

"Hey, it's William and Kate!" shouts the prince angrily.

"Oh no, it's Kate and William!," shouts the princess.

And I hear the good voice of the author, "Does it matter?"

No, it doesn't, in marriage it's a fifty-fifty partnership, where the husband and wife play God-given roles, I mean the wife still bears the baby right, and the husband has an equal responsibility in raising the kids.

But I know many families where the Bible is gently used to nudge a woman in place, three feet or is it five behind her husband. Many families where a husband striking, slapping or snarling at his missus is accepted!

I don't think there's any fairytale marriage there, at any rate, there's no fairytale eternity for him, as he stokes hell's fires himself, without his wife's support.

So let us bring in Kate and William with their toothpaste issue again: "Hey Kate!," shouts Willy from the royal bathroom, "which side you press the toothpaste from?"

"The middle, silly!"

"The middle!," says William thoughtfully to himself, "maybe I'm not used to the middle, but what's wrong in making it my way too?"

That would be the beginning of a fairytale marriage..!

Light of Life