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January 2011
Your Letters

I am so much delighted to read the personal reflection Too Old To Dream of Dr. I. Ben Wati (LOL Nov. 2010). I salute him as he celebrates his age of 90 and continues to dream dreams. May the Lord grant him health, happiness, peace and joy always.

I remember Dr. Ben Wati as he was a frequent visitor to the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune in the capacity of President, Board of Governors. We as students enjoyed his messages at the Seminary Chapel. I am sure the many readers of Light of Life who know Dr. Wati, within India and across the globe, would enjoy reading the article.

Rev. Walter G. Kunder, Mumbai

The testimony on M. J. Jacob along with his articles, Love Is Dynamic (Oct. 10) and Are You Dried Out? (June 10) are touching. We pray God to strengthen him, bless him with a healthy, comfortable and happy life and add to his wisdom to enlighten us with his writings.

Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

  Bible Quiz
Thank you for starting the Bible Quiz again. I was looking forward to it. Though I am extremely busy, I find pleasure in searching Scripture for the Quiz. The first thing I search is Bible Quiz, then Bob's Banter, Tell Me Why?, Testimony if any, then only to articles. Thank you once again.

Licy Oommachan, Bhopal

  Magazine Of Quality
Thank you for the promptness and regularity with which you have been sending Light of Life magazine to me, and for your faithfulness and steadfastness in ensuring that a Christian magazine of quality is produced. Your leadership in this effort is commendable.

Finney Thomas, Kolkata

The Light of Life Magazine has been a source of great blessing to me. I appreciate the Biblical view that your magazine has. May this magazine continue to be a blessing.

Ruchindra Perera Colombo

I have been a regular reader of the esteemed magazine Light of Life, since the recent past. True to its name, it has enriched me in my spiritual life in more ways than one.

Rev. K. Pumsuanthang, Manipur

Certainly the magazine has been very informative, knowledge-giving, and inspiring in the spiritual area. The articles by various authors were instrumental to my spiritual growth in word and deed. May the Lord bless the magazine in these last days, which in turn will add more to the kingdom of our Lord.

John K. Skariah, Cochin

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