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February 2011
Your Letters

  Keep It Up...LOL
Another year has rolled by and LOL with its rich array of articles continues to provide wonderful edification to its readership besides being a valuable resource material to many servants of God. Over the years, I have used many essays of LOL in my preaching and teaching ministry for the illumination of many. Needless to say, the benefits accruing out of the sincere efforts of writers of LOL are far-reaching, going beyond the immediate readership. This fact alone should spur the LOL writers to put in their best for the Lord, at all times. Keep it up...LOL

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad

  New Light To Life
I am thankful to you for putting up the cracker issue for debate, as it has been really very informative for me. The opinions shared by the Bible scholars are enlightening. Your every issue brings a new light to life. In this world filled with materialism and selfishness, your magazine stands true to its Christian values. The December issue was filled with articles that addressed contemporary issues. Thanks for the lovely magazine.

Neelam Pereira, Goa

The editorial on Pride (LOL Nov. ‘10) is a divinely inspired message with pearls of wisdom, on a very relevant issue in today's modern society. It provides food for thought, correction and reformation of our inner nature, to please God and to belong to His Kingdom.

God hates pride, but loves humbleness in man. When pride comes, disgrace follows. With humility comes wisdom. John Ruskin said: "Pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes." Those having this sinful pride, can never see God's helping hand in their distress and helplessness. God will be far away from them.

The editorial ends with a penetrating question: "Who is reigning in your heart? Is it "I" and "the self", or is it the Lord Jesus Christ?" D.L. Moody said: "I have never met a man who has given me as much trouble as myself." This speaks volumes. Christ asked us to deny our self and to take up the cross. Whatever does not begin with God, will surely end in failure. Let us beware of pride and ego.

P.Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Useful And Informative
I am so happy to receive Light of Life regularly and enjoy reading the articles. In fact, I will be waiting to receive the magazine in the first week of every month. The articles are very good, useful and informative. I would like this magazine should be found in every Christian home, because it teaches about the Bible culture to follow, in spite of the mixed culture of India. We remember Light of Life ministry in our prayers. May God bless every effort of Light of Life ministry and use it for real growth of Christian families.

Rev. K. Selvaraj, Vellore

  Too Old To Dream?
I read the article Too Old To Dream? by Ben Wati (LOL Nov. 2010). It is so nourishing spiritually, psychologically and moves one to invigorating action. His dreams have been action-oriented and we in India of all faiths, locally and globally, are indebted to God's blessings through him! I have been sharing the article with several others. All have been blessed through it. Thank you very much for his inspiring legacy for all of us, seniors and for all generations to come. ‘And his old men will dream dreams' (Acts 2: 17). I am dreaming dreams too after your successful dreams and will keep dreaming in God's grace..." I am flabbergasted! But I thought he also would be interested. PTL!

Dr. P. S. Jacob, Pune

  Prophetic Ministry
The article Prophetic Ministry by Zac Poonen (Dec.’10) is really an effective and timely message to all believers of this generation. Most of the messages preached in the pulpit nowadays are prepared, relying on different books, theological knowledge, etc. It seems the preachers do not look for the revelation of Holy Spirit. These messages are good to hear, rather heart touching and effective.

Manjit Kumar Nayak, Orissa

I found that this magazine is the most interesting Christian magazine that I have come across. I always welcome Light of Life Magazine.

Miss Lyngdoh M. M., Meghalaya

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