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February 2011

Robert Clements

And from the realms of Heaven a voice whispered in mine ears:

"Hello, Bob!"

"Hello, God!"

"What are you doing?"

"Reading your Word!"

"And your neighbours?"

"Beg your pardon, God?"

"What are they doing?"

"The usual, Lord, maybe their puja, or at the temple, the usual!"

"You doing anything about their usual?"

"Beg your pardon, God?"

"You seem to be begging my pardon a lot today, Bob; I asked whether you are doing anything about their usual?"

"You mean, like, do I help them do their puja and go to the temple? No God, never!"

"So, maybe you should do something, son!"

"Help them do their puja?"

"Help them not do their puja, not go to the temple?"

"Oh my God, no! I'm not the interfering type; tolerance, I got plenty of it!"

"Maybe too much, my son, maybe too much!"

"You want me to do something about their pujas and temple visits? They'll kill me, God; you know what happens to people who do things like that; they land up in jail!"

"Who'll put you in jail for showing you are different? Will you be jailed for showing that the God you worship, makes you honest and compassionate, and one who can turn the other cheek even when a neighbour has wronged you?"

"That's tough, God!"

"In that toughness, they will see a Christian! In those qualities they will see a God they want to worship!"

And the next week from the realms of Heaven a voice thundered into mine ears: "Hello, Bob!"

"Hello, God!" I whispered.

"What are you doing?"

"Reading your Word!"

"And your neighbours?"

"The usual, Lord!"

"You done anything about their usual?"

"Why do you ask, Lord?"

"Because I don't see them worshipping Me yet, my son!"

And the next month a voice whispers into mine ears:

"Hello, Bob!"

"Leave me alone, God!"

"Not till that two percent becomes a hundred, Bob. If you love Me, my son, feed my sheep in India..!"

Light of Life