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December 2011
Your Letters

The editorial, Ambition (LOL Oct.11) is well in time to put it in the proper perspective to be focussed on God, to fall in line with His call and for the glory of God. The spark of ambition or desire for personal achievement exists in various degrees among people. In a majority, they lead with a contented life with what they have accomplished. In many, it glows to achieve more, leading to progress. And in some, it burns as fire to reach the top or to lead the people like Moses or to serve the people like Paul. In fact, the motto "to serve and not to be served" reflect the Lord's teaching. But there is a saying that there is no limit to desire. It is such going to attain the goal by any means that leads to unfair means like corruption, illegality, etc. The dangers it pose from the lowest to the highest degree are the cause and effect of all evils and ills we have. That is how sin entered. And then let us get relieved from it and enjoy the redemption we have got through the blood of Lord Jesus Christ and rejoice in Him always. Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Thanks for the lovely 2011 October issue of Light of Life, with faith-sustaining messages, taking the readers to still greater spiritual heights. The Editorial Ambition spoke to my heart very profoundly. It is a brilliant and admirable exposition of the theme with biblical approach. Un-christian church leadership is the main cause of the present serious predicament. The church is starving due to lack of godly leaders, which is affecting God's Kingdom. Great tragedy!

"There are three evils plaguing the present-day church, which are Power-seeking, Prestige-hankering and Money-loving. These are to be got rid of." God expects us to be holy while living in this world, as He is holy. If only 10% of the World Christian Population had holiness, would not the whole world be nearly converted and won for Christ by now? Let us ponder.

The ambition of a true servant of God ought to be: to live and to work for God with full dedication and commitment, to shape not merely his own, but others' destiny too, in order to make the world richer, and caring for the souls of unbelievers and non-Christians, which is the God-ordained duty. Every Christian, being a servant of God, should be propelled by this thought.

P.Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

The October issue of Light of Life, especially the article by Robert Clements, is an eye-opener to each of us. He has so neatly captured the present day public issues in the light of the Word of God. The Anti-sin Bill is ours for the asking, if it is received in humble faith and not by violent methods or force. May God bless you all for encouraging such writers.

Daniel Deepak, Karnataka

  Man Of Value
The article of Pushpa Iyengar (LOL Oct. 2011, reprinted from Outlook) reveals the existence of real officers in our country, even though found to be very rare. U. Sagayam knows the need of common men as he is more than common and simply experienced much poverty and humanity from his childhood. He never expects to become rich as the common attitude of all officers; but a man of value and discipline with humility.

His way of working provoked the past regime and is disliked by present rulers, but loved and liked by the common public. His vision is "Whatever you do, do it heartily". Thanks to LOL for publishing the facts and truth of a real human being of India.

B. P. Pereira, Madurai

  Great Articles
I am a regular reader of LOL, Bob's Banter the most. I make it a point to read the magazine from behind. Debate is an interesting part. 'Living God's love' was an excellent message given by a youngster R Sarkar (LOL Sep.'11). I was really touched. Notes along the journey by Dr. Cherian was thought provoking. I like your magazine. My prayers for the tireless work done for spreading the word of the Lord.

Mrs. P. R. Gaikwad, Pune

  Spiritual Strength
Your magazine is one of the sources for getting spiritual strength and nourishment, which is totally dependable for reexamining one's Christian life and walk. We are really in need of your magazine which is quite indispensable in this fast changing world.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Ginkhanmung Zou, Manipur

We are privileged to be subscribing your faithful magazine that is very informative on Christian issues, teaching, training and disciplining us in our Christian walk.

Samuel Kundu, Mumbai

  Light To People
Let Light of Life Magazine give light to more people in the years to come. May God help you to remove the darkness from this world.

Joshua M. Samuel, Mumbai

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