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August 2011
Your Letters

  Gift of God
Light of Life is not only a Magazine, but it is mainly a gift of God. Every issue of Light of Life contains articles full of spirituality. The cover page is always very attractive and the verse you print on that gives more splendour. Editorial of each issue is wonderful, so wisely written that it paves guidelines for readers. Every sentence contains truth and the real meaning of life. I must appreciate the subjects you choose for editorials. This is not the magazine to read in one sitting. It needs full concentration, full devotion and perfect attention. It takes a day or two to go through one article. On the whole, I appreciate you and your labour and also the writers who write for this spiritual magazine.

Arny Roberts, Rajasthan

The Editorial on Discipleship (LOL June '11) passionately focuses on the mandatory proclamation of Christ's message, touching on its vital aspects. The excellence and beauty of this Editorial from a gifted man of God, really defies my words. It impels every Christian to be on the business of winning people to Christ.

God made spiritual capacity within us. We have to make spiritual character to display it to others. Christian is a disciple, priest, evangelist, missionary and ambassador of Christ. No Christian is a biblical Christian unless he has evangelistic passion and zeal to lead others to Christ. A true disciple is one who does what his Master and Teacher commands. A true Christian leader is one who lives a life of self-denial and follows Christ.

The Bible describes Christians as the salt of the earth that makes a recognisable difference, a candle that gives light in a dark world and they will, by their very nature, impact everybody they encounter for all to see whom they belong to.

The message that we proclaim must be aimed at the heart, not merely at the head to make it effective. It would be tragic for us to receive riches of the Gospel of Christ and then live as spiritual paupers and resent what Christ asks us in return.

God sees the quality of our love, first towards Him, and then towards His people. God's desire to touch the world is linked with these two basic relationships. We should live with people to know their problems and with God to solve people's problems. We must live useful practical Christian lives.

We must tell the world what we know about Christ, in obedience to His command. The Holy Spirit will use even the most feeble witness to accomplish great things. It is not our ability, but our availability that God blesses and uses. Because of our failure to do so, the work of God to extend His Kingdom on earth has been gravely affected. Are we serious when we pray: "Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven"? Let us say this prayer meaningfully and fulfil it. Are we, as followers of Christ, thinking of perishing souls?

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

Arny Roberts' Short Story Lost And Found (LOL June 2011) really shocked me. I had been unsteady-minded to take decision after my 25 years service from the Organisation and now I have decided, I want to continue God's Mighty Work only; Victor was chosen by God and Monica was chosen by Satan. Many times I have read about the lives of people like Monica.

Thangaiyan Raju (E-mail)

The penning of the article Yearning For Freedom by Cyril Georgeson (LOL April 2011) of your esteemed magazine Light of Life is praiseworthy, for its concise and crystal clear presentation. The world is under acute turmoil and utmost chaos. We find Charismatic Chaos on the rise in Christianity worldwide. We should yearn for freedom, specially from inside, as suggested, which is perfect and eternal, cherished by the Holy Spirit. To break the chains of Charismatic Chaos, let us all rely on the Scriptures to be slaves to righteousness (Rom.6:18). Thanks to Cyril Georgeson for his articulate and authentic writing.

P. P. Rajan Rao, Assam

  Valuable Magazine
I very humbly, prayerfully greet you with gratitude for publishing your valuable magazine consisting of precious articles which encourage all those who read and strengthen individual faith in Jesus Christ, and prepares individually to introspect as to where each one of us stands, based on the Word of God.

Primarily, the editorial on Truth compelled me to introspect myself as a believer and prepare myself sincerely to meet my Redeemer any time as He wills. My sincere prayerful appreciation goes to Bro. Abraham as I feel that the entire family is God-chosen to serve Him through Light of Life.

My deep prayerful appreciation to Bro. Samuel Manoharam for his valuable thoughts in narrating in depth in his articles "Old Age Is Golden" (April 2011) and Mystery And Uniqness Of The Cross (May 2011). It speaks volumes of Christ-centred life in the old age, to those of us who have experienced the joy of Christian life, including me at my old age of 82 yrs. The author tells of his own committed life in old age, along with his family members. It reflects his own life. His mentioning of terrible disturbing events, taking place every day around us, is a proof indicating the second coming of our Lord for final judgement.

Also I am grateful to Bro. Zac Poonen for his praiseworthy article Eternal Security, where he has very well stated, "If God were to take away our conscience, we would become like animals." Oh! What a glorious fact it is. Last, Bro. Donald Godfred’s "Understanding God's Heart" in the May issue is really beautiful where he concluded: "So it becomes clear that a person cannot be taken to be born again till the last day of his life. Hence it must be agreed that either we cannot be sure that a person is really saved till his last day, or the possibility of one's salvation getting lost due to continued sinful life is real." Based on Biblical references that he has mentioned and in my humble faith, being a believer being saved, I fully endorse his expression. May God richly reward all of you.

P. D. Arthur Prasad, Mysore

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