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April 2011
Your Letters

I am always thankful to God for the ministry of LOL as it brings a lot of information from the theological and educational circles and inspired articles from His servants. The Editorial on Growth (Feb. 2011) is insightful. The appropriate examples from your own experience as well as experiences of other God's servants are supportive to the very nature of the article. However, it should have carried one or two paragraphs of practical guidelines/application on how to have Christian growth in the life of a person and the Church at large. The article To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice by Samuel George is informative, though he ends it with a hasty conclusion. We are praying for the ministries of LOL.

Lalit Kumar Bardhan, Andhra Pradesh

The well-written editorial Bribery (LOL Jan. 2011) is very timely, essential and eye-opening. This comes at a time when startling grafts and greed are on the rise in our country, assuming alarming proportions, corroding the social fabric of our society.

Winston Churchill once said: "Indians are basically corrupt. They cannot rule themselves. So they must be ruled." Are we justifying these words, by the way the things are allowed to happen in our country? Nothing in this materialistic world can satisfy us fully. However great a person may be, one day all his achievements and his wealth will fade into the haze of history. These should be an eye-opener for us. The Bible says: "Whoever loves money never has enough. Whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income" (Eccl. 5:10).

Are we a nation of corrupt people? Are we a nation of hypocrites? As individuals, shall we reform first ourselves, if we love our country? It is still not too late.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

  Middle Path
Thank you for the effort you take to publish good articles packaged well at a very low cost. Many of us do not hesitate to fill petrol in our vehicles or to eat a fast food snack at Rs. 70 in KFC or McDonald. Your magazine cannot be priced as each issue is definitely more than a litre of fuel, yet you are able to give a full year for only Rs. 150. We pray the Lord will bless your sincere effort.

Your magazine is the middle path, staying away from extremes and speaking truth, encouraging all of us to "abide in Him." The editorial is just superb, your editorial team does their homework. We are indeed blessed.

The Govt. of India recognises only the Catholic Church, CNI, CSI. Majority of smaller churches, which have many members, do not have a voice. You are attempting to bind us all together so that our minor differences can be overlooked and "We are one with Him."

Rao D. B., Bangalore

Thank you for the January issue of LOL. Its contents conform to your high standards and were very edifying. Dr. Cherian Koshy makes a valid point in the article titled Camel Evangelism And The Prajapathy Ploy and argues convincingly; but I have the following observation to make. During Paul's days there were people who preached the Gospel just out of spite (Phil.1:15). The apostle quiet cheerfully accepted even that situation. What was important was that the Word was being preached, he felt. If that was the case, who are we to judge "another man's servant"? To his own master, he stands or falls (Rom.14:4).

If those who pursue this particular style of evangelism have been able to lead even one precious soul to the saving knowledge of our Lord, then we won't have anything to say against their method.

Bernard Thangasamy, Andhra Pradesh

  Super Articles
Thank you very much for the New Year gift of Light of Life with super articles. Your editorial, as usual, is very richly and bravely written. All writers are to be appreciated, specially, Samuel Manoharam for his New Year message, M. J. Jacob's article Aging A Blessed Season, etc. Dr. Arulappan's article I Am A Christmas Christian (LOL Dec. 10) was too good for words. October editorial about Adversity is very encouraging for those who go through some sickness or trouble. All the great saints of the Bible have gone through so much persecution. So, we have to be satisfied that what we go through is nothing. Oby Cherian's Bible What A Treasure is really great. Vijay Thangiah's explanation about 'Sin' is very easy to understand. Wish the 'News' also is in bigger letters as old people like me with eye problem find it difficult, but like to read. All the rest are good as usual. May God bless you all for His glory.

Elizabeth Arthur, Nilgiris

  Bob's Banter
I never miss reading Bob's Banter. I thank you for God Speaks Out Loud And Clear (LOL Dec. 10), because I also complain that God doesn't speak to me. Thanks a lot. Have you ever wondered about Christians who feel that they are responsible for keeping their surroundings and roads clean? I wonder. If you come to our area, you will notice the difference between our area and other places. Is it lack of accountability? Or, do we feel that Jesus does not give importance to that?

Chitra Chandrabalan, Tamil Nadu

  Daily Reckoner
Really this magazine is a daily reckoner for us to be vigilant and alert in our spiritual and daily lives, guiding us to keep fellowship with God and His people. It helps us to examine our deviations from the Lord's path laid for us, His grace and mercy permitting corrections and repentance. It also encourages authors from diverse backgrounds to write their views and opinions and share freely in His presence with us.

S. Shaibal Kumar, Navi Mumbai

  Great Magazine
I am so thankful to the editorial team for bringing Light of Life to light up my life. In the October issue, the editorial Adversity was so encouraging. Christian Giving by P Jebaraj was great. It teaches me that God gives and forgives, but man gets and forgets. Freebies And False Gods by Anthony Raj was an eye-opener. Lessons From The World Cup Football-parts 1 & 2 by Suresh Manoharan was so profound and exciting. Thank you so much for the great effort to produce this great magazine.

Daivadeen R., Andhra Pradesh

I sincerely express my thanks for the usefulness of Light of Life. Not only it helps spiritual knowledge and inspiration, the magazine also furnishes various other information. Seeing advertisements, I attended a "Children Ministry Course" and a "Christian Counselling Course."

Mohan R. Bankapur, Gujarat

I am very much delighted, going through the articles, which are encouraging and nourishing us spiritually from time to time. Light of Life is useful for Christian growth. While appreciating the articles, we pray to God to bless this magazine ministry more and more to win souls for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

P. Shamgar, Visakhapatnam

  Wonderful Magazine
I express my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for consistently publishing such a wonderful magazine, with biblically sound messages. The editorials are excellent and thought-provoking. I eagerly look forward to receiving my copy of the magazine every month.

Vivek Salins, Thane

  Unpolluted Christian Magazine
This is time for me to appreciate and congratulate Light of Life, readable, unpolluted Christian magazine in our democratic nation. Always your editorials are readable. Whatever journal came to my table daily, if Light of Life is the one, I read all the headings first, including the editorial. The same evening I start reading the articles one by one. Except one or two controversial articles, all are readable.

Prof. Samuel C. Mathivaanan, Vellore

  Great Blessing
The magazine Light of Life has been a great blessing for me to enrich my spirituality. Light of Life is informative, qualitative and comprehensive. All the articles are really touching and I am blessed by them.

Kondra Narayan R. Swamy, Maharashtra

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