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April 2011

Robert Clements

Many, many moons ago I had an Anglo-Indian class teacher who wasn't too good at teaching me Geography, or maybe, I wasn't too good a student to grasp her teaching; but ever so often in the middle of trying to explain to the class about contours and countries, the equator and the equinox, she would wring her hands in helplessness and say, "Children, you have to aim high to do well. How high should you aim, Bob?"

That was one question I could answer, and the clever teacher also knew that this was the only question I had an answer for; she would beckon me to rise and I would get up proudly, look my classmates in the eye, and say, "Aim for the trees and fall on the ground, aim for the stars and fall on the trees!"

She would clap her hands in delight and for the next few days it didn't matter to her that I continued doing badly in the subject she taught, which maybe, explains my present confusion when I'm asked where's Libya or Algeria, or well, whatever other countries there are on the atlas.

"Aim for the stars and you fall on the trees!"

Are we Christians aiming for the stars, when we follow Jesus and His teachings? Are we trying to follow what He taught, to the letter, or are we just aiming for the trees?

Something I hear time and again is that something or other is not practically possible!

"What does that mean?"

"Well, we know Jesus did preach about this and that, we know that the 10 Commandments mention a lot of do's and don'ts, but do you really think it's possible in today's world to follow all of them?"

"Ah,my dear friends, can you hear her?"

"Hear who?"

"My teacher!"

"Teaching you Geography?"

"No, asking me to stand and tell the class, the only thing I learned from her, that we have to aim for the trees, right?"

"No, the stars!"

"Yes, the stars!"

"But... but, in today's world..."

"Jesus is the same in yesterday's world, today's world, and tomorrow's too, isn't He?"


"So, with Him in you, let Him raise your standards till they reach the stars; say ‘no’ to corruption, say ‘no’ to paying less than is due to the government, say ‘no’ to cheating the church of her property and possessions, say ‘yes,’ to leading a Christ-like life, say ‘yes,’ to being a true Christian."

"Look Bob, look, we can see that old teacher of yours, she smiles!"

So reach for the stars, dear friends, stop listening to those who talk of 'practical' Christianity; there's only one Christianity, reach for it, with Christ in you..!

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