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November 2010
Your Letters

  Whom Then We Call Educated?
Hearty greetings to you and LOL team. The editorial on 'Education' (LOL Aug. 2010) stirred a lot on the concept, implementation and implication with impact on the present avenues of education. Thanks.

Culture and custom are primordial, but modern civilisation is the result of present education system. The four-page editorial spreads the statistical analysis on the data and questionnaire elaborately, leaving no stone unturned. Hats off!

The quotations and sayings with opinions of intellectuals, philosophers, geniuses and the common are aptly paved on the text's crux. Appreciably very excellent and simple narrations. Congrats!

Every one in the cause of education should read this to find out where we go and where from we have come. As Socrates asked, the Editor asks, "Whom then do we call educated?"

B.P. Pereira, Madurai

I am very much blessed by the articles in Light of Life. Indeed, it is a great ministry you are doing, touching many lives, challenging everyone to lead a holy life in this crooked world.

Pastor Suresh S., Ahmedabad

I was encouraged by Ajith Fernando's article, "Embracing suffering in service" (LOL, August 2010). I agree with the viewpoints presented: "If we are doing God's will, we are fulfilled. But for Jesus, and for us, that includes a cross. The cross must be an essential element in our definition of vocational fulfilment." Ajith's citing of a contrast between Western and Eastern views regarding vocational fulfilment is worth noting.

Rev.Dr.Nabin C.Singha, Assam.

A Christian friend of mine gave me the copy of Light of Life (August 2010). I took the magazine with great interest and went through it, sidetracking all other work. Indeed, it is informative, worth reading. I can say it is 'wonderful.'

Rudradutta Satapathy, Rourkela

Light of Life ministry is really helpful. Every month it gives us faith and encouragement for the souls. Praise God.

Anil Kumar Cholla (e-mail)

Light of Life has been really a blessing to me and my family too. Every article is inspiring, provoking deep thought. May God bless the team who produces the Magazine that benefits our spiritual progress.

Sanjit Pani, Orissa

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