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June 2010

Robert Clements

How are you, Mrs Grace?," asks the Pastor, as he stands outside the church and the congregation files out, "I haven't seen you in quite a while?"

"Pastor!," exclaims Mrs Grace, "It's been two months since I fell and broke my hip, and have been laid up in bed all this while! Why didn't you come and visit me?"

"How are you, brother? Is this the first time you've come to this church?," asks the Pastor to the next gentleman.

"Reverend, you asked me the same question last time, you even said you'd come home, we waited for you that evening!"

And the congregation drift towards the coffee table.

"Pastor seems to be upto something suspicious!," says the Church Treasurer, "Every time I call to clarify about a payment or come here to sign a cheque, he's not at home!"

"I see him leaving the parsonage in a hurry every morning," says Mrs John who lives next door, "He always looks harried!"

"They look harried when they are up to something," says Mrs Gibson and both the ladies nod wisely. "Men are the same," they agree with each other.

"Maybe we should tell his wife!"

"Yes, she does look a little innocent, doesn't she?"

And the three move from the coffee table to where the Pastor's wife is standing alone, "A penny for your thoughts?," asks Mrs Gibson.

"Ah well, I was just looking at my husband and realising I hardly see him nowadays," says the Pastor's wife as the Treasurer, and the two ladies smile at each other knowingly. "You don't see him?"

"He is so busy, my poor husband!"

"But you must be seeing him at night?"

"Or in the afternoon for lunch?"

"Doesn't he come home for dinner?"

The Pastor's wife shakes her head, "He hardly has time!"

"Any idea what is taking up his time?," asks the Treasurer, his voice slightly raised.

"Yes, why didn't he come and visit me when my hip was broken?"

"Why, when I shifted to your church?"

"Where is he when I come to sign the cheques!"

"Do you know where he is, Mrs Pastor?"

The Pastor's wife looks at the congregation and then looks puzzled, "Didn't you know?"

"Know what?," ask the members of the congregation.

"My husband is standing for Bishop, which means," said the wife of the Pastor.

"That he will not have time for house visits!"

"No time to attend to the sick and needy!"

"Or time to welcome new members!"

They watch as their Pastor rushes by with his briefcase. "Our Pastor looks like a politician!," shouts a little boy.

"He's become one..!," says the Treasurer sadly, as the congregation sip their tea sadly and wonder why their shepherds have political agendas nowadays; bishop, district superintendent, moderator, President, Secretary, Council Member or some such fancy title that make them neglect their sheep..!

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