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December 2010
Your Letters

Thanks for October 2010 issue, containing very deep soul-stirring messages, with flashes of thought-provoking spiritual light for meditation and edification of readers.

With so much false unbiblical teaching and faulty Christian preaching around us, by some self-interested people, we rarely see true Biblical Christianity in the world. Why is it so many believers continue to be colour-blind in choosing what is scripturally correct, and stone-deaf while listening to what the Word of God actually teaches? I am unfortunately seeing this phenomenon in the general run of Christians. How many people, to whom we preach the Gospel of Christ, can say that we lived better than we preached? This is the main reason, in my view, why our efforts to evangelise the world are proving so ineffective. Why are we so different from what the Early Christians did and how they spiritually lived, for following Christ and His ways?

In this context, Light of Life magazine comes to us as a God-send, in order to crusade for a spiritually-based society. It has been relentlessly fighting against morally and spiritually debased corrupt evil forces, which are undermining the present society, especially the younger generation, in an age where success is measured by money, wealth and property, acquired at the expense of ethical and spiritual values.

With my humble touch with this lovely magazine, for more than sixteen long years, I can confidently say that its commendable efforts to infuse Biblical spirituality in present day culture, which is mainly based on materialistic outlook and pursuit, will surely bring in welcome change for better days.

May the Light of Life magazine, continue to play its vital role, as a Crusader, for a value-based society.

P. Samuel Manoharam, Vizag

I hope and pray that your pen would enlighten more and more people. Every editorial is a gem.

John Alexander, Nagpur

Cyril Georgeson's 'Dirt On Our Face' (Sept. 2010) is an article of a different kind. It urges the church to evaluate itself, a unique feature of Christianity. The scandals should be an eye-opener to Christians in general, no matter their position in the church. Sexual sin and financial misconduct are the major issues facing the church. Cyril is right in specifying these two issues. "Silence Means Acceptance," says a Tamil proverb (Mounam Sammatham). Christians should have the courage to call a spade a spade. Don't we read in the Bible that God's judgement begins at the house of God, the church? We can extend this Scripture to every believer. Christians should be honest in acknowledging their sins, even secret sins. Their physical or mental effort to overcome sexual sins and financial misconduct may not work in the absence of spiritual help from the Holy Spirit, also called the Spirit of Christ. If Jesus makes us free, we shall be free indeed--a very apt verse to sum up the message. Readers of LOL would be greatly benefitted if more such reflective articles are published. Christianity should prove that it is not one of the world religions. After all, it is not a religion at all! Every Christian should ask himself or herself the question, "Do I have the courage to confront the accused?," no matter who they are. Pretensions and indifference would only keep delaying revival in the Church. How long would it take for the church to be aflame?

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Madurai

  Interesting Articles
Light of Life is really a very helpful magazine, with lots of interesting articles, debate on issues, views from different people from all walks of life. I keep on reading even the old Light of Life magazine, now and then, and share with my fellow believers. It is a blessing to subscribe to your magazine.

Vico Tetso, Shillong

  Uninterrupted Supply
Thank you very much for the uninterrupted supply of Light of Life Magazine. All the articles in the magazine are of great value. Especially thank you very much for the editorials, which are very much thought provoking.

JS Kumar, Odisha

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