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December 2010

Robert Clements

God doesn't speak any more!," whispered the frail old lady to her daughter, who sat by her bedside one Christmas eve, "Not the way He spoke to Abraham and Isaac, not anymore, not the way He spoke to Moses and the others, God doesn't speak any more, though I pray to Him night and day!"

The daughter heard her mother's sobs, and with a troubled heart, spoke to her Pastor, who came by on Christmas day, "What's this I hear, that God doesn't speak any more?" The old lady nodded and her sobs filled the air. The kind eyes of the old priest swept the room, till he found what he was looking for; he got up and the old lady's eyes followed him as he picked up the Bible from the shelf, "Do you use this?," he asked.

"Oh yes, I do," said the old lady fiercely. "When my son said there was a ghost in the bathroom, I walked holding the Bible in front of me, when my husband, bless his soul, said he'd never looked at our neighbour's wife, next door, I held the same book up to him to swear on, oh yes, that book is the most holy book in this house!"

The old priest opened the old book and walked to the old lady, "Have you ever been afraid and spoken to God about your fear?"

"He doesn't speak back anymore!," sobbed the old lady.

"Here's God's answer when you were afraid, "Be not afraid, I am with you always!"

"God told you that?"

"God tells you that!," said the Pastor, "And did you ever have days in your life when you doubted God!"

"Many times!," whispered the old lady, "I prayed and waited for God to take those doubts away!"

"He did," said the old priest, "listen to what He says, 'When doubts fill your mind, my comfort will give you renewed cheer!"

"What beautiful words," said the old lady, "but I heard nothing!"

"When God spoke through His Word, you were not listening!," said the old priest simply. "Every prayer you pray for, every problem you undergo, is answered in God's booming voice over here!," said the priest, as he held the Bible near the old lady. "I am sure, there were times in your life when worries tormented your mind?"

"And I cried out to God!"

"And he cried back to you, 'Child, give all your worries and cares to me, for I care about what happens to you! See here, it is in 1Peter 5 and verse 7."

There was a smile on the face of the old lady, as the priest left the room that Christmas day. He watched from the door as she hungrily scanned the Book she had used to ward away spirits and ghosts, now finding God speaking to her.

Her daughter did not hear her mother's voice one day many months later and walked to her room, and felt her pulse. A tear crept down her cheek as she looked at the still, lifeless form who lay with the Bible open on her chest, "God was speaking to her even as she went to Him," she told her Pastor later, "see where the Bible lay open!"

The priest smiled as he saw the verse, "I go to prepare a place for you, in my Father's house are many mansions!"

At the funeral, people wondered and asked the daughter why an open Bible lay in the coffin. "She told me to tell all who came to see her, that God speaks out loud and clear, through His Holy Book..!"

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