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April 2010

Robert Clements

Bob, what have you given up for Lent?" This is a question that's asked to me every year, during those forty days before Easter, and I turn and ask, "What have you given up?"






And the list goes on, and again the question to me, "What have you given up Bob?" Yes, what is it that I've given up?



"Yes, myself!"

"You can't give up yourself, Bob! You've got to give up something, like chocolates, drinking, eating meat!"

"No, I've given up myself!"

And I see God above smiles and angels laugh, "Yes, Bob, we've got you!"

"It was tough, God!"

"I know, Bob, but that's the only way!"

"I tried to wriggle, struggle, run away, hide, I tried to lose myself in the pleasures of the world!"

"Oh yes, and we watched from up here, watched you dabble with things that burnt you, watched you move into things that hurt you, we watched you try and escape and My angels cried!"

"Why didn't You just catch me and pull me to You, why?"

"Because you had to choose to give yourself up, My son!"

"Yes!" I say joyously, "I had to give myself up!"

"Is it a good feeling giving yourself up?" they ask, "Giving up smoking, drinking or the pleasures of life itself for one month is quite a sacrifice you know?"

"Sacrifice?," I ask and laugh.

"What do you laugh about?"

"When I give myself up, it is the most glorious, joyous feeling! It is not me who's sacrificing anything, it's Him above who sacrificed His Son to hold my dirty hand..!"

And somewhere up there, I hear the sound of laughter as angels hold me, then pass me around, cuddled and loved like a baby.

Good feeling, giving yourself up..!

2010 Light of Life