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October 2009

Robert Clement

A few months ago, I was invited for a Christian dinner meeting, where an international Speaker spoke on some topic, which I noticed was of much interest to the audience, as there was a huge crowd there. "What do you do, Bob?," he asked just before the meeting.

"I write!," I said.

"You do, then you should meet this famous Indian journalist I've just been introduced to. Come with me!"

I went with him, eager to meet someone who was also involved in the business of newspapers, but was sorely disappointed as he introduced me to the 'famous' Indian journalist. "Ah here he is, meet Bob," said the kind Speaker, "I'm going to leave you two alone to discuss your writing!"

"Which newspapers do you write for?," I asked.


"Yes," I said, "I was told you were a famous journalist!"

"Who told you that?," he asked furtively.

"Today's Speaker!," I said.

"I write for a few Christian magazines," he said, "I freelance!"

I wished him well and moved away, realising what must have taken place, when the poor Speaker must have been waylaid by this esteemed gentleman and told about his foray in the national press. Cards must have been exchanged and, I am sure that one of two things must have happened by now; either a dozen dinner invitations, or funds to continue his writings must have exchanged hands.

Likewise, I see in such gatherings many others who have made Christianity a business. I do agree that money and sustenance are needed to keep the home fires going for such of my brethren, but, what Sir is the result?

The actual work of promoting the Gospel, of speaking about Jesus to our millions, is done by people who ask for nothing, and whose needs are met by a very providing God.

It isn't very difficult to raise money from our Christian brothers and sisters abroad. Put together a few pictures of starving children, snaps of ramshackle shelters and money pours in.

"How can we eat so well and live our contented lives, with the poor in your country?," they sigh and send their dollars, which help many of these 'businessmen' send their children to colleges abroad.

Oh yes, there are those who work genuinely, but they are forgotten; they don't have the money or clothes to attend these suddenly happening, very fancy dinners; they work and see their mansions in heaven slowly taking shape, while these others, through garnering foreign funds and illegally selling church land and property, build theirs here on earth through a business called Christianity..!

There was only one time Jesus lost His cool, when He saw business being done in His Father's temple, right?

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