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November 2009

A. A. S. Jebaveeran

Our Lord seeks those who are available for His service. He is always ready to use any of His children who is available for His service, irrespective of his age, educational qualification, physical abilities, family background, etc. Let us see some of the people whom God has used.

1. Moses. He was a poor speaker, slow and hesitant. But God used him and the stick he was holding in his hand, to perform many miracles and to lead lakhs of people through the wilderness for 40 years! (Exo.4:10, 2:11).

2. Gideon. His clan was the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh and he was the least member of his family. He was threshing some wheat secretly in a winepress, so that the Midianites would not see him. He was timid. But God called him a 'brave and mighty man' and used him to deliver the Israelites from the Midianites. Remember Gideon, if God is calling you to do certain things beyond your strengths and abilities. Our Lord is able to equip you to finish the task He has given you (Judg.6:15,11).

3. Esther. She was an orphan girl, who was adopted and brought up by Mordecai. But our Lord used her to save the Jewish race from annihilation so as to fulfil His plan of sending the Saviour Jesus Christ through them. Are you an orphan / a foster parent? God is able to do great things through you / your adopted child (Esth.2:7, Jn.4:22b).

4. Peter and John. They were ordinary men with no education. But Lord used them mightily to the amazement of the 'learned' religious leaders. If you are filled with God's Word and Spirit, and maintaining close relationship with Jesus, like Peter and John, He will definitely use you (Acts 4:13).

5. C. T. Studd. A former English international cricketer, God used him and his wife greatly in China. He came back to England a broken man. He was so sick that doctors called him "a museum of tropical diseases." He was already a grandfather, and a sick man, but he went to the heart of Africa. There God used him in spite of his sickness and old age, for another seventeen years till his death! He founded the Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade Organisation which is still actively evangelising many countries.

6. Gladys Aylward. She was considered unfit by a mission agency as she could not pass their training course. But she obeyed God's call to serve in China. The Lord provided her necessary money. She left England to help an aged lady missionary in China. There Lord used her mightily to preach the Gospel and also to save many children during the Second World War.

7. Nick Vujicic. He was born with no arms and legs. Yet he travels around the world inspiring people by his talks and the ten books written by mouth. Dear child of God, are you available to serve our Lord who has used even a donkey in His service? (Not necessarily as a full time worker.) What (is in your hand) are your talents? God is ready to use you, if you are available for Him. Use your God-given talents and possessions to contact and build bridges with people in your neighbourhood, workplace and study place, to share the Gospel so as to lead them into God's kingdom. May God bless and use you!

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