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P. Samuel Manoharam

Is not God speaking to us over and over in these days? Are we hearing His Voice, when He is speaking through various happenings? Is He not speaking in our conscience? Let us not be spiritually asleep, to ignore His Voice.

Disturbing Trends

Many adverse and catastrophic events are taking place now-a-days. Are we not seeing or hearing about events such as wars, famines, pestilences, unprecedented diseases, and natural calamities such as earthquakes, droughts, floods, affecting millions of people, economically and physically. The world is aflame, plagued by terrifying violence, hatred, bitterness, jealousy and unimaginable murders. Modern world has become a fragile and uncertain place to live. These give us a clear indication that storm clouds of God's wrath are beginning to form, before the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was prophesied.

We are also witnessing many social changes affecting families. For example, homes are breaking up. Children are becoming disobedient and are going astray. There are more believers in Christ, who are satisfied with their nominal faith in Christianity. Very few of them read the Word of God and pray regularly. Some of them rarely attend church services. This is the general trend in the world today.

Our Responsibilities

Are we spiritually awake? Does not God's Voice call us to do something to rectify them, where possible? Are we really praying to God to help others in distress by interceding for them? What is our responsibility, as believing Christians? Are we making efforts to visit those, who are in distress, to comfort them and to offer some kind of help? They may be needing some spiritual help also, to strengthen their faith in the Lord Jesus. I often ask myself these very questions. The minimum that we should do is: we should at least pray for them. Prayer itself is a hidden ministry to effectively help others. Who will pray for them, if we ignore this? Who will seek to be a blessing to them, if we fail? God's Voice is calling us. This is for you and for me. Do we have a prayer burden for them? These things really prick my conscience. Are we not hearing God's Voice, calling us to become involved? If we do not care, pray and share our resources with those unfortunate ones, with a compassionate and loving concern, will this not surely disappoint the Lord? Are we investing our love, our prayer and our money in these needs? God will hold us responsible and accountable, for failing to get involved in the needs of others. How can we show our love-in-action, our faith-in-action? This needs to be pondered seriously by every believer in Christ, especially when the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is imminent, looking at the frightening things which are happening around us. These are certainly unprecedented times in the history of the world, calling for spiritual awakening of people, urging them to prepare for such an event. We should mainly focus on the following needs:

- By enlightening the lives of others with our godly living;
- By enlivening and infusing the deeds of others with our spirit-filled lives.
- By enthusing the lives of others with our radiant and cheerful living.

One of the finest things we can do is to build up others, especially non-believers, by caring, sharing and serving them with unselfish devotion, spiritually strengthening them, so as to draw them to our Lord Jesus Christ, as God's fishermen of souls. We, as believers, should display spiritual passion, lustre, fragrance and vitality, which we receive from Christ in our personal lives, for non-Christians to see these qualities prominently in us. Our life should tell others what Christ has done for us. In this way we can light up the lives of others in these highly disturbing times. This poses a real challenge to every believer in Christ.


Our lives are not measured by the number of years we have lived. Every one's work will have to pass through God's test of fire. That which is of eternal value only will count. The question is not how much we do, but how we do what we do. Christian faith has to be expressed in every conversation, in every decision and in every act. It has to be reflected in our being honest in every act, and in general behaviour and in our true concern for others.

We have only one life to live in this world. So, we have to live well, by keeping our candle trimmed and bright always. One day we will know how the candle light and its radiance helped others to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Our exemplary life can be the most persuasive influence and impact, to change the life of others.

2010 Light of Life